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Om Awignam Astu namo Siddam

My name is I ketut Suwentra, SST. The president Director of " JASA TOUR

I have a great thank for the GOD , because it can give us a beautiful little island and also as a well known tourist destination in the word the unique culture, religion costume and its history speeding in a regency which their each special symbol. The art of Bali have a high value and sacral such as the dance, the tale etc. art easy time the dance is a present to the god as a hospitality of heard and thanks because the world including the volume in it for human life. 
Suar Agung foundation under the leader of I Ketut Suwentra, SST.

Which very often to perform their activity in national and international event during 20 years. 

His foundation do their best in the traditional – art of Bali , which take once of specific art of Jembrana regency such , as the Jegog .The Jegog Instrument consist of bamboo which very easy growing at Jembrana regency .The Jegog was very known from the ancient time in the 1928 its get the revitalisation again.

Because during the word-war II Indonesia accupy by the colonize and the Indonesia people againt the colonize using the bamboo spear .So- since at that time all bamboo instrument to seizure by the colonize .Since at that time never been Jegog at Jembrana .But the Jembrana artist begin to the establish the Jegog back again , and introduce to the audience by developing of Suar Agung foundation under the leader of I Ketut Suwentra,SST . By the way the Jegog is not only perform in foreigner country.The bamboo music intrument lovers come to Bali wanted to know the original descent of the Jegog.

For easer to fine out the Jegog descend by the lovers of the bamboo intrumental Mr. I ketut sewentra ,sst.making a tourist travel bearing namely " PT. JASA SUAR AGUNG " JASA TUR "sertivicate No 896/D2 /BVW/IX/97.Located at jl Sandat Gg 111 No 7 code 80233 – Which valid in Jakarta. This jasa Tur is a tourist travel Bearian have a motto ‘BACK TO NATURE " its mean the source of the fondamental human life, by knowing deeper about the spesivic art of jembrana regency and also Bali We have the visitors geetting agreat deal of sweet memories and an interesting experience.


Terima kasih . Om Shanti shanti shanti om