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Negara is a new tourist destination, located at west Bali province, it is not yet enough well known and also not enough mentioned in Bali guide book. Everyone will fine many think unique.following we service the Negara tour like bellow.

Negara tour:
The capital town of jembrana regency is negara equally as the door of west where the religion and culture enter to Bali from india and cina through java island because it is the nearest island. Many-many tourist are not yet known about Jembrana destination although many kind of beautiful sightseeing such as seaview, java island from the distant and a beautiful sunset. Further you will be find a attractive performance such as the mascot of Bali birds " Jalak Putih " and many others .

Balinese Cooking lesson US $ 10,00

Trial to cook a Balinesse food is an interesting experience because you will teach by a group of women teacher from the village such as making spices from any roots to tough till as well as delecate, its really the natural taste.

Bamboo Tracking US $ 10,00

The land of this regency is so fertile for the bamboo-growth walking under the bamboo-tree and knowing them is an interesting experience because you will fell really back to the nature.Bamboo is an important plantation because Balinese society equipment almost consist.OF bamboo needed in their life to earn the money such as making basket, music instrument, furniture, woll and also for making property of offering as an Hindu follower. So Balinesse society can’t last form the bamboo plantation.

Learning The farmer life( Agriculture) US $ 15,00

Here you will following the farmer life for working in fullday, to drugde perspiration nad use a traditional time as a standard by looking the sunshine because the farmer still in a traditional lifr after that you may eating a delicious food with seeing around the beautiful you will really feel that’s all are from the gift of the god.

Canang Sari Lesson US $ 10,00

Canang sari is aform of ceremonies equipment for praying daily to the god by hindhu follower in bali you can see it every where. The way of making it by using some young leaf of coconut tree to carving by a little sharp of knife. Usually it from beautiful sirk decarating by many colours of flower an at the top of Canang Sari you put a coint as a simbol of a clean heart. For the Hindu follower this lesson doing by looking the other how doing it well.

Home Stay at Sangkaragung………………………………………… US $ 10,00 

At early in the morning you will be wake-up by sound sweeping and sound cock loudly. After taking a bath you may get breakfast with tuberriceand a cup of coffe looking for the way of life of the people in the village include theirs nice familiar smiling and looking the women to do their songket weave and farmer going to their field/rice-field, it’s all feel like a full traditional fresh life and peace.